Just another girl with no social life. 


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Kalau kata orang, tak kenal maka tak sayang. So let’s do a quick one!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for dropping by. My name is Tammy Idrus. I’m a Potterhead, chocoholic and a sucker for detective and crime topic. Food + YouTube = My Bestie. I spend most of my time scrolling through Instagram then commenting at 90% of them, if only I could get good grades by doing it. I’m currently studying Marketing and still have no idea what I’m going to do after it. Can anybody relate?

I’m here to share my thought at stuff, from beauty to places. I hope you can find some useful information and use it for real.



I’m most active at Instagram, go give it some love


I’m going to share about recipes that I found yumm and easy here.


From make up to skincare, just a click away for you.


Brain dump, literally. I’m going to use this as a place where I would talk about tips and trick that I use on facing certain things in life.


Not really into fashion, but if I found a brand or style that I thought worth to share, you know where to go.


I love trying something new. Here will be my review of places that I visited.

told by Tammy

Dear self,

Don’t allow the opinion of others bring you down. Mind your own business and do what you feel in your heart is right. 

You deserve to live freely and be happy.

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